What the LCA does

What is the LCA (Ladera Community Association) and how is that different than the LRD (Ladera Recreation District)?
  • The Ladera Recreation District is a government special district that is responsible for the rec center including pool, tennis courts, and play structure at 150 Andeta Way, along with maintenance of the walking paths around Ladera.  The LRD also plans special social events and holiday celebrations for the enjoyment of the entire Ladera community.
  • The Ladera Community Association is a non-governmental agency that seeks to improve the quality of life and safety for all Laderans by building a sense of community, raising awareness of community-wide issues, spurring dialogue, and seeking consensus, then working with internal and external parties to drive change that benefits the community.
What Does the Ladera Community Association Do for Ladera?

The LCA exists to improve the quality of life in Ladera by fulfilling a variety of important roles:
  • Raising awareness within the community and collecting feedback as a way to facilitate involvement and resolution of issues affecting the community 
  • Representing the will of the community with external constituents as a unified voice, assuming a majority of board members agree as confirmed by a poll or vote
  • Considering requests for assistance from community members to address significant community issues
  • Serving as a liaison among community and government, business and regulatory groups
  • Engaging in other activities benefiting residents
Ongoing activities
  • Publishing the Ladera Crier, Directory, and LaderaOnline.org
  • Supporting the 4th of July events, Settlers and Newcomers brunch, Ladera-wide garage sale
  • Promoting security and traffic safety with Sheriff, CHP, and the community
  • Supporting Ladera Emergency Preparedness and coordinating efforts to respond to earthquakes with CERPP
  • Communicating with the Woodside Fire Protection District and San Mateo Country alert system
  • Working with the Woodland School regarding traffic, vandalism, and future development
  • Recognizing community members who make significant contributions to the community
  • Encouraging volunteerism and supporting worthwhile projects that benefit the community
  • Disseminating environmental info such as news about sudden oak death, PV Environmental Task Force announcements
2021 sample of activities underway as of Sept 1, 2021
  • Working with Stanford and the County to address the Alpine Road / La Mesa and La Cuesta intersections for greater safety
  • Working with the new head of Woodland to address traffic concerns for the new school year
  • Working with Woodside Fire to address fire safety in Ladera including removal of dead trees in the community
  • Supporting residents exploration for increasing pedestrian and vehicle safety within Ladera, then taking the proposal to the county
  • Working with residents and the county to require all new homes to have utilities undergrounded
  • Working with residents and the county to address Airbnb rentals in the community
  • Supporting the CC&R subcommittee, removing the race restrictions
  • Ensuring the most current emergency information for all residents
Past achievements
  • Representing Ladera in the lessee considerations for the Ladera School site
  • Improving landscaping on La Cuesta island
  • Maintaining the Ladera sign on La Mesa and Alpine
  • Petitioning the county to maintain storm drains under Ladera residents’ properties
  • Conducting a public process for utility undergrounding 
  • Negotiating with Ladera Oaks with regard to tennis court lighting
  • Working with the Ladera Shopper with regards to parking and noise
  • Getting CalTrans to install quieter paving on 280 adjacent to Ladera
  • Providing input into County contract negotiations with waste management services
  • Helping to prevent Stanford from using the former Christmas Tree Farm site off Sand Hill Road as a disposal site for ten years worth of excavated materials from campus
  • Getting the US Postal Service to adopt Portola Valley, 94028 as Ladera's mailing address and zip code
  • Facilitating a process for San Mateo County Planning to rezone the community to ensure that remodels and/or rebuilds are compatible with the existing neighborhood homes and solar access is protected
  • Weighing in on Countywide zoning changes that prevent establishment of Bed and
  • Breakfasts/Conference facilities in residential neighborhoods
The LCA meets the first Wednesday of each month to represent the interests of Ladera residents in matters such as land use, traffic, the environment, and other issues that affect our quality of life.  Additionally, the LCA provides a forum for the discussion of community issues and their resolution within Ladera.