Meet the LCA

LCA Board Members - with so many different initiatives in our community, the LCA has point people coordinating activities with various entities inside of and beyond Ladera. If you have questions on any particular initiative, or would like to assist, please contact the following board member:
LCA Interim President Wynn White    
LCA VP, Treasurer Sasha Kipkalov    
LCA Secretary Kimberly Legg    
LCA Website Justin Meyerowitz    
Directory Advertising TBD    
Woodland School Liaison TBD    
Crier Liaison TBD    
Ladera Emergency
Ken Fenyo
Ladera Calendar Justin Meyerowitz    

  For a personal bio of each board member, please read below:
Ed BerkowitzEd Berkowitz - Growing up in San Francisco in the 70's, I visited family friends in Ladera and was impressed with the Ladera Rec, the rural feeling yet its proximity to Silicon Valley. Thirty years later, when searching for an area to settle down, Maryann and I focused exclusively on Ladera, to offer our kids that magical experience. In 2002, we bought the Molumphy's house and have since made it our home with our twins, Jack and Ally, along with various four legged creatures.  I can often be found working out on my Peloton, sitting on my front patio, or working at my desk in front of the windows overlooking Erica Way.  I first engaged with the LCA in 2004 when the topic of undergrounding utilities surfaced. Once that passed, I remained engaged with the Board with the vision of improving the quality of life in Ladera. Since 2004, I have served as Treasurer, Vice President, and in 2010 became President of the LCA. I appreciate the many different perspectives here in Ladera, and I see a number of issues on the horizon that will challenge us to come together, including the community safety and emergency preparedness.
Mike Dineen - I’m married to Alexis and have two daughters: Lauren and Juliet. We also have a dog named Libby (who was rescued from Liberty Park in Bakersfield, hence the name). I’ve been on the LCA since 2009 and I am now vice president and treasurer; I got involved not for a particular issue, but more on the notion of being able to volunteer some time for our community. Ladera is a really unique place—I think the biggest thing that differentiates our community is the fact that so many people know each other, and this creates a unique sense of community. In this day and age, where increasing levels of anonymity/distance in our interactions is becoming more common, this is really a special thing. My day+ job is president/CEO of Tioga Medical, a startup medical device company developing a transcatheter replacement mitral (heart) valve. Besides spending time with my family, I enjoy mountain and road biking, skiing, climbing, and guitar.
Ken Fenyo - My wife Elizabeth Blair and I moved to Ladera on Labor Day weekend in 1999 when our oldest daughter was not even 6 months old.  We live on Durazno near the intersection with Mira Way (for some reason the street sign up there spells it Durasno). We have three spirited daughters and a large, somewhat unruly dog named Tucker.  We feel very lucky to live in such a great neighborhood with so much to offer such as the Ladera Dolphins, the Pool to Pasture race and July 4th celebrations, the pool, playground, and tennis courts and of course the great views down and up (and up and up) the streets of Ladera. I’ve been on the LCA Board for a few years now and its great to be able to give back to the community. So far I have helped on a range of issues, including the Directory, the Alpine trail debate, and Ladera Emergency Preparedness. We could use more Board members so come join us and make a difference in the community!
Mark Thanassi - LCA Board member since 2011 and I am involved with the Ladera Emergency Preparedness committee. Ladera resident since 2002, 3 years on N. Castanya then moved to Erica Way. Wife Wendy and 3 children, Sala, Ally & Sam. Wendy and I are both Emergency Medicine Physicians trained at Stanford and between us we have worked in most of the Emergency Departments in the Bay Area and have been known to bandage up a few Ladera residents from time to time. I joined the LCA to give back to the community that has been such a great place to raise a family. Interests include biking, surfing, skiing, tennis and music. I encourage the community to attend the LCA meetings!
Justin Meyerowitz - After several years in San Francisco, my wife Melanie and I moved to Ladera in 2016 and during our home search realized how special this neighborhood was. A neighborhood which was originally designed by those who would inhabit it provides a fundamentally different feel and stronger sense of community. I am also a member of the Ladera Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, working together with the existing pillars of Ladera to help build greater diversity of voices and inclusivity in our neighborhood. I work as a physician scientist at Stanford University and Stanford Hospital and Clinics, as an Anesthesiologist and Biochemist, and enjoy spending time with my wife and son, playing guitar and piano, trail running, camping, swimming, skiing, and spending time with family and friends. 
Kari Mueller
Kari Mueller - My family and I have lived in Ladera for 16 years. We came here when our daughters were 4 and 2. I cannot imagine a better place for families. Our daughters have roamed the neighborhood and hung out at the pool, my husband and I have hiked the hills and jogged Apline, we have taken advantage of so many offerings available in our community. More recently I have been involved in non-profit work and I have looked to Ladera to help. Surfrider, the organization I now Chair in our County, has been fortunate to have Laderans help with beach cleanups, event tabling, and volunteer work. Not only is Ladera an easy place to live it is also a community that cares.  
Wynn White
Wynn White - My wife, Yael Zheng, and I moved to Ladera in 2002. We found a beautiful home on Mimosa Way nestled amongst nature, but more importantly, quickly discovered what a wonderful community we had joined. Our son, Weston, who wasn’t yet walking at the time learned to ride a bike, swim and drive in Ladera and like us, has formed lifelong friendships amongst neighbors. I joined the board to more actively participate in ensuring our special community continues to be just such a place for the 535 homes that make up Ladera. During the day you can find me running a marketing consultancy and on weekends mountain bike riding, backpacking and enjoying friends and family.