FAQ: CC&R Amendment

FAQ: Working Toward Racial Justice in 2021 Ladera
July 2021
How can I donate to the cause or pay for my signatures?
Why are we doing this?
The CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) underlying every home in Ladera state that only “White Caucasians” may live and own property here. When Ladera was built in the 1950s and 1960s, lenders to the developers insisted on this deed restriction.
Does that apply to my home?
Yes, it applies to every one of the 534 lots in Ladera. It was buried in all that paperwork you signed in closing to buy your house. 
Is that legal or enforceable?
No, but it remains on the books, tarnishing our community’s reputation and continuing to offend and have hurtful effects on new and prospective Ladera homeowners. We and the Ladera Community Association want to get rid of it as do most Laderans. In a community-wide survey in the fall of 2020, we found 97% support from over 200 Laderans to pursue eliminating the race restrictive clause. 
What exactly are CC&Rs?
CC&Rs are ‘private laws’ that property owners in a designated area impose upon each other. Our CC&Rs specifically stipulate that we, as owners, have the authority to modify our CC&R’s according to a specific process.
How do we get rid of this restriction? 
We must obtain notarized signatures from two-thirds of property owners on our Amendment to change the CC&R language. 
Will this Amendment erase all record of this Race Restriction?
No. Our Amendment, once recorded, will become the current ‘in force’ version of our CC&Rs. All prior versions will forever remain on file in the San Mateo County Recorder’s Office as part of the permanent historical record.
What do you need from me? 
We need your notarized signature (and that of anyone else who’s listed on the deed to your house) and $20 per signature to pay the notary, recording costs, and other legal fees. Most Ladera lots have two listed Title holders. Both need to sign. 
How do I do that? 
We are scheduling community-wide signing sessions at the Ladera Recreation District (LRD) parking lot, 150 Andeta,  on every Saturday from 10am to 2pm starting August 14 (right after the Ladera Pride Parade). Our last scheduled signing day will be Saturday, October 16. We’ll also hold a signing session at LRD from 1 to 5pm on Labor Day (Sept 6).
In addition, we will hold signing sessions in driveways of individual homes around Ladera, one or two per week, from 4pm to 7pm. Dates and locations to be announced.  
Can’t I just go somewhere else and sign? 
For now, signing is only available through our scheduled Signing Sessions.