Meet the LCA

LCA Board Members - with so many different initiatives in our community, the LCA has point people coordinating activities with various entities inside of and beyond Ladera. If you have questions on any particular initiative, or would like to assist, please contact the following board member:
LCA President Wynn White
LCA VP Brian Ross
LCA Treasurer Sasha Kipkalov
LCA Secretary Kimberly Legg
LCA Website Brian Ross
Directory Advertising
Kimberly Legg
Woodland School Liaison TBD
Welcome Committee Shawn Salmon
Ladera Emergency Preparedness
Brian Ross
Ladera Calendar Lea Gottlieb

  For a personal bio of each board member, please read below:
Justin Meyerowitz - After several years in San Francisco, my wife Melanie and I moved to Ladera in 2016 and during our home search realized how special this neighborhood was. A neighborhood which was originally designed by those who would inhabit it provides a fundamentally different feel and stronger sense of community. I am also a member of the Ladera Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, working together with the existing pillars of Ladera to help build greater diversity of voices and inclusivity in our neighborhood. I work as a physician scientist at Stanford University and Stanford Hospital and Clinics, as an Anesthesiologist and Biochemist, and enjoy spending time with my wife and son, playing guitar and piano, trail running, camping, swimming, skiing, and spending time with family and friends. 
Kari Mueller
Kari Mueller - My family and I have lived in Ladera for 16 years. We came here when our daughters were 4 and 2. I cannot imagine a better place for families. Our daughters have roamed the neighborhood and hung out at the pool, my husband and I have hiked the hills and jogged Apline, we have taken advantage of so many offerings available in our community. More recently I have been involved in non-profit work and I have looked to Ladera to help. Surfrider, the organization I now Chair in our County, has been fortunate to have Laderans help with beach cleanups, event tabling, and volunteer work. Not only is Ladera an easy place to live it is also a community that cares.  
Wynn White
Wynn White - My wife, Yael Zheng, and I moved to Ladera in 2002. We found a beautiful home on Mimosa Way nestled amongst nature, but more importantly, quickly discovered what a wonderful community we had joined. Our son, Weston, who wasn’t yet walking at the time learned to ride a bike, swim and drive in Ladera and like us, has formed lifelong friendships amongst neighbors. I joined the board to more actively participate in ensuring our special community continues to be just such a place for the 535 homes that make up Ladera. During the day you can find me running a marketing consultancy and on weekends mountain bike riding, backpacking and enjoying friends and family.
Brian Ross - My wife and I have lived on Corona Way since late 2018.  We have 3 children (7,4,2) and I joined the LCA Board because I'm interested in helping to improve the (already amazing) quality of life in Ladera for our young family and the rest of the community.  My  background is in civil engineering with a focus on the finance/funding of infrastructure projects, and I currently run my own consulting business; and I was in the US Army for several years as an engineering officer.  I was very impressed with the LCA's effort to change the CC&Rs and I look forward to helping to tackle other community wide issues.
Sasha Kipkalov - Our family was enchanted by Ladera years ago when our son Ilya was in the tennis program at the LRD courts. We brought our dog to the soccer field, met many wonderful people there, and fell in love with the area and the sense of community.  When opportunity arrived during the pandemic — and with the help of Karen Fryling — we sold our house in San Carlos and moved here. Being a new member of the community, I wanted to find a way to contribute. I currently lead a finance team at a fintech company in San Francisco.  I also have years of experience in banking of finance, and have served on a non profit board up in Seattle.  I thought my background would be a good fit for the Treasurer role at the LCA. My wife Kelly is a marketing professional and our son Ilya is a freshman at Crystal Springs High School. We love outdoors, biking, running, playing racquet sports and cooking.  And we are so happy to call Ladera home!
Lea Gottlieb - My husband, Jamey Gottlieb, our 2 children (Kevin and Eric) and I moved to Ladera in 2014 from Southern California. Jamey first visited Ladera in college on a road trip to a UCLA/Stanford football game and was invited to dinner at Sandi and Norm Coplon’s house (Dovid Coplon was Jamey’s college roommate).  So when we relocated from Southern California, Ladera was at the top of our list.  With its perfect proximity to everything on the Peninsula and its bucolic setting, we fell in love with Ladera right away. We have moved around a bit in Ladera, first on Aliso then to North Balsamina and finally to 710 La Mesa Drive. I had a wonderful time getting to know our neighbors when working on the CC&R signature signing initiative. Since then I have worked on various cultural events with the Ladera Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. I am looking forward to working to support our community. My interests include gardening, visiting art museums and hiking with our dog, Bandit.
Shawn Salmon - My husband and I moved to Ladera in 2014 on Halloween and will always remember the spirited showing of the neighborhood that first night!  We’ve never looked back.  We love the deep sense of community here, the beauty of the environment and, of course, the summers at the pool.  I joined the LCA to give back to the community be it through neighborhood beautification, support for special events or representing Ladera interests vis-a-vis other institutions.
Kimberley Legg - Born and raised in Ladera, I recently purchased my childhood home (my dad was the original owner, having purchased it in 1951!) to return to Ladera as an adult with my husband. We couldn’t imagine a better community to build our roots and start our family.
Amongst the many treasures Ladera offered while I grew up here, I enjoyed swimming and coaching the Ladera Dolphins, playing with neighborhood friends and having block parties on the cul-de-sacs, and walking the paths to the Shopper on a Friday evening to grab dinner with kids I babysat. These days, you’ll frequently find me walking with my mom and our dog Puck, searching for sunset views overlooking Webb Ranch.
Professionally, I am a Bay Area Realtor and also work at a Palo Alto based VC firm. I whole- heartedly believe Ladera has always been the best community in the world. I decided to join the LCA Board as I hope to continue maintaining and bettering this gem of a neighborhood for generations to come.
Dave Chun - My family (Sinda, Leia and Liam) and I moved to the neighborhood in 2017. We originally started out in NY, spent a few years in Seoul, and ended up in the Bay Area. We consider ourselves lucky to have found such an amazing place to live.  I’m in the legal profession and Sinda is in healthcare admin/ finance. Leia and Liam spend their days at La Entrada and Las Lomitas. I joined the LCA Board at the invitation of one of my neighbors here on Aliso Way. I saw it as an opportunity to get more involved in a community that is so welcoming. Plus, there are big issues to address! Like how to make a left turn onto Alpine Road or how to cross the street to get to the school bus during the morning rush. We also need more Block Parties! We’re often walking around the neighborhood or up at Woodland with our yellow lab, Peyton. (Some have observed that the dog walks us.) If you do see any of us, please say “hi.”