Get involved!

This community runs on the time and energy put in by those who volunteer. Below are some of the ways you can contribute to the Ladera community:
1. Ladera Recreation District (LRD): This is a board of 5 members, each serving a 4 year term. Elections are in even years. The LRD is a public agency, organized as a Community Services District. CSD’s can provide a variety of services in unincorporated areas; the LRD provides recreation services including running the recreation center, pool, tennis courts, playground, summer camps, barbeques, and maintenance of the public paths. It takes a public vote to determine which services a particular CSD is authorized to provide.  The board hires the manager of the LRD who then has the day-to-day authority to run the district. Board members are elected by the voters of Ladera. Anyone who lives in Ladera, and who is a Registered Voter is eligible to become a Board member.  If there is only one candidate for a Director position, there is no election. In 2020, Monday, July 13 is the opening date of candidate filing period and Friday, August 7 is the last day for candidates to submit Nomination Documents to the County Elections office.
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2. Ladera Community Association (LCA): The LCA plays a critical role in our community - representing Ladera with external constituents including the County Board of Supervisors, Portola Valley, emergency preparedness groups, police and fire departments, schools, and more.  The LCA also supports the very fabric of the community through funding the Crier, welcoming residents at the newcomers BBQ, organizing cleanup and beautification efforts around the community, organizing block captains in case of emergency, the Ladera Directory and Unlike the LRD, the LCA is not a public agency and does not have any administrative or regulatory authority. This is a board of 9 members, each serving a 3 year term. Elections are held at the July 4th festivities, one ballot per household. The nature of this year’s elections will depend on the number of individuals interested in joining. Please email below if you would like to run!
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And here are some of the activities and positions that could use volunteers:
Ladera Emergency Preparedness (LEP) Block Captains and Leadership Team
Coordinate emergency preparation and response to wildfire, earthquake, or other emergencies. There is a Leadership Team to command and a radio team to communicate for help in an incident. There is one block captain and one or more backup block captain for each of 27 blocks. 
Contact David Ellison at or 650-704-67118.
Ladera Crier
Monthly print and online newsletter. Contact Neighbors are encouraged to submit news, photos and articles, as well as join in a monthly editorial meeting.
Ladera Directory
Yearly membership directory and neighborhood resource guide. Contact
Ladera Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Committee 
The DEI engages with the existing pillars of Ladera (LRD, LCA, Listserv) to help create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive neighborhood. Currently meets once to twice a month. 
Fourth of July
Volunteers run the Pool to Pasture run, the Decorated Bike Parade, pool games, field games, organized barbecue, music and entertainment, bocce ball, corn hole and dessert competition. 
Volleyball tournament and tennis tournament need volunteers to run.
Contact the LRD:
Labor Day Carnival and Pet Parade
Volunteers run the carnival games and the preceding pet parade. Contact the LRD, above.
Easter Egg Hunt
Contact the LRD, above.
New Resident Welcome 
The LCA holds an annual Welcome BBQ at, and coordinating with, the LRD for neighbors who have moved into Ladera within the previous year. Contact
Ladera Block Parties
Informal gatherings organized by neighbors on various streets, generally as a pot-luck meal. 
Great Garage Sale
Used to be organized by the LCA, but currently directed by Karen Fryling
The Ladera Shop Serve
Go help a neighbor with shopping:  The Ladera Shop Serve
Lapsed Traditions
If anyone is interested in taking charge in bringing back lapsed traditions such as the Halloween Haunted Path, Ice Skating, or Christmas Caroling please reach out to the LCA or LRD to learn more.
Make up your own new community activity!
Contact either the LRD or LCA for assistance.